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No day but today

RENT elite icons.

RENT elite icons.
Posting Access:
Select Members , Moderated
This is an elite RENT icon comm.

Rules to get in.
You must join the comm first:
You must apply.
Show us 5-10 of your best and most recent icons.
you may include more than just RENT icons.
put the name of your favorite song in the subject so we know you read this.
tell us about yourself.
How long have you done graphics?
do you mod any comms?

Rules of the community.
No hotlinking at ANYTIME.
Only RENT related graphics please. If you are linking to your journal make shure you have a RENT related preview.
Only preview up to 4 icons.
Don't bash anybodys icons here.
Be nice.
Do what the person says about their icons. If they say to comment when you take them do so.
All graphics including wallpapers,layouts,icons,F/O banners,headers and so on are welcomed.
No pimping others comms.
Anything without graphics will not be posted unless your a mod.

this comm is run by angel_1stdegree ,bubbles_girl778 and becomingun

We have an affiliate! iconsonstage another great elite icons comm.