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Ok guys! This is the apilcation post. So if you would like to aply… - No day but today [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
RENT elite icons.

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[Jul. 27th, 2006|10:36 am]
RENT elite icons.



Ok guys! This is the apilcation post. So if you would like to aply please resond to this post. I am putting this in the memoirs too so its easy to find. On to the aplication. 
Ok one groud rule,everybody be nice. Aplicants and mods alike. 


You must join the comm first:
You must apply.
Show us 5-10 of your best and most recent icons.
you may include more than just RENT icons.
put the name of your favorite song in the subject so we know you read this.
tell us about yourself.
How long have you done graphics?
Anything else you want to tell us:


[User Picture]From: angel_1stdegree
2006-08-02 08:37 pm (UTC)

Re: Christmas Bells

We see potential we really do. The first one is the best of the bunch. The only things you need to work on are coloring(spice it up a bit!),brushes(those are oh so fun and can ass just the right affect)sharpening and images quality(sharpen up the bases a bit it really brings out the icon. And the last one with Collins and Angel? You might want to duplicate the base and set it to screen,mess around with the settings on the layers and have fun. Try stuff mess arround with everything. You will be surprised.) =)
Also paint shop pro is a very easy program to use and they have a free trial download at the site. Its amazing what a change in program can do as well.
Your off to a great start and we would love it you re-applyed once you have improved. You may re-apply when you think you have improved we set no time limit or anything like that so take your time have fun and mess around!

One tiny thing I forgot,try getting fonts from dafont.com they have some wicked fonts that can really bring out your icons. If you don't know how to install fonts I would be happy to tell you. =)
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